June 10 is Portugal national day, which celebrates our most famous poet Luís de Camões. June 10 is a public holiday and there will be no lectures. We are planning a trip -weather permitting it- to the nearby village of Sintra and the national park surrounding it.

The meeting point will be the railway station of Rossio, in downtown Lisbon, and we will take the train to Sintra. We will walk from Sintra railway station to the village and then a small hike (20 minutes) up to the Moors Castle. From here on, there will be two options:


From the Castle you can walk (10 minutes) to the palace and its gardens. A visit to the palace takes around 40 minutes, and there are some interesting spots in the surrounding gardens; the price of the tickets, depending on the options, ranges from 6 to 14 euros. You will be on your own so you can walk back to village or take a bus, and then return to Lisbon by train.


This will be a long hike (around 20 km) that will take us to through the Park into the coast, eventually reaching the westernmost point on the continent of Europe, which the poet Camões defined as "where the land ends and the sea begins". The hike, for the most part is not dangerous, but IF YOU ARE NOT FIT ENOUGH IT IS DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDED. Towards the end of the hike, there will a somewhat audacious descent and climb to a otherwise inaccessible beach (Praia da Ursa). If you suffer from vertigo this is not recommended. Also, be aware that there can be some nudity at this beach. If you prefer you can proceed directly to the cape, avoiding the beach (and the more spectacular) part of the hike. You can find the precise itinerary in the following file (save and open with google earth): Hike

If you plan to join make sure you have sport shoes and a cap. We will provide a lunch bag, though bringing some extra water is a good idea. Also a 10 euros fee, to cover the Castle ticket and the lunch, will be charged.

Participants interested in joining either of the excursions will have to register for it during Wednesday 9th. More information will be available since we will also have a more accurate weather forecast.

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